The same approach was used in 2005 to expand the surface area and revamp both the vinification cellar and the reception area with a focus on quality and the distinguished features of the wine estate.

It has been written about the architectonic works:

nuova architettura italiana

"Nuova architettura Italiana"
Aión Edizioni

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premio accademia nazionale di san luca giovani architettura 2006

Premio Accademia Nazionale di San Luca Giovani Architettura 2006
De Luca Editori d'arte

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informatore del marmista

L'informatore del marmista
Rivista mensile, Settembre 2006

"Cantina in Giallo Dorato con blocchi al grezzo" leggi l'articolo >>

“…an ageless architecture, rejecting avant-garde and the temptations of new technologies to plunge into the abstract archaism anchored to local environment, making use of old construction techniques still keeping their vitality”.

(Arch. Filippo Bricolo, Studio Bricolo-Falsarella – Project awarded by Accademia Nazionale di San Luca 2006.).

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