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perlato rosa

Perlato Rosa Chiaretto D.O.C.
Spumante Brut

This beautiful sparkling rose’ wine is obtained by a traditional vinification of the indigenous Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grape varieties in accordance with the DOC Chiaretto Bardolino technical guidelines, followed by the Charmat process to transform the wine into a fresh and fruity Spumante.

Vines: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.
Training system and yield: Gujot - 100q/ha
Vinification: Just a brief maceration on the skins for 15/20 hours at a controlled temperature.
Ageing: 4 months in stainless steel vats followed by Charmat process.
Colour: Bright, intense pink, almost cherry-like, bright and transparent.
Bouquet: Subtle fragrant scent of fresh fruits.
Aroma of Custoza grapes and the fermentation after-taste.
Flavour: Dried and zesty, pleasantly sapid, persistent.
Alcohol level: 12% vol.
Food matches: Ideal as an aperitif but perfect also with raw ham, or pasta and also grilled meat and fish.
Serve at 10°C.